• Inauguration of the Builders' Parks of Val D'Amours & St-Arthur Areas

      The Mayor and Council of the Village of Atholville invite citizens to attend the inauguration of the Builder's Parks for the Val D'Amours and St-Arthur areas.

      Date: Saturday, September 17th, 2022


      1:00 p.m. at the Val D'Amours Builders' Park

      3:00 p.m. at the St-Arthur Builders' Park

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      Launch of the Cultural Policy

      The Village of Atholville would like to thank everyone present at the lauching of our cultural policy that took place June 21, 2022 at the Alma Hall in Atholville. We strongly believe that the cultural policy will have a positive impact on the development of our community, as well as the surrounding one.

      Link to read the cultural policy: https://atholville.ca/admin/upload/1656595445/Politique%20culturelle_avril%202022%20EN.pdf

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      Remembrance Day

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      Halloween Guidelines 2021

        For the people who collect: 

      • Do not enter homes;
      • Community masks are to be worn in public;
      • Respect physical distancing;
      • Trick-or-treating is limited to your single household only;
      • Wash or sanitize hands before and after trick-or-treating

      For the people who do the distribution:

      • Find a way to warn children if you don't want to give out treats (note on the door, door locked, lights out, etc.);
      • Find creative ways to hand out treats to facilitate distribution and limit contact (basket with individual bags of candy outside by the door, etc.);
      • Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres.
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      2021 Fall Clean-up

      OCTOBER 1, 2021

      October 18: ST-ARTHUR area

      October 19: VAL D'AMOURS area


      BRANCHES (tied-up in bundles no more than five (5) feet long)

      LEAVES (must be placed in clear plastic bags)


      FURNITURE (mattress, couch, television, etc.)

      APPLIANCES (other than the ones containing freon, such as washing machine, stove, microwave oven, etc.)

      OTHER (bicycle, stroller, large toys)


      Liquids of any type

      Construction material

      Appliances containing freon


      Articles that cannot be handled by two people

      All garbages for regular collection

      Propane tanks, paint cans, batteries, and tires

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      Public notice - Water consumption

      We are currently going through a dry period, the little amount a rain fallen in the last few weeks is not enough and our wells are affected. It is for this reason that all residents of Atholville area are requested to limit water consumption to personal use only and must abstain from using water for

      - watering lawns;

      - washing vehicle or driveways;

      - fill pool;

      - or any other non-personal use

      Manual watering of gardens and flowers only are permitted.

      These preventive measures aim to guarantee the supply of drinking water and fire protection during this dry period.


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